Everything is conquerable one move at a time.






I have been an educator for 38 years, and my career began immediately upon my graduation from Bryn Mawr College, with a major in Anthropology, in 1980.

I have taught mathematics as both an independent school teacher and a private tutor. My math experience includes AB Calculus, Pre-calculus, Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Algebra, and basic math. I have always loved numbers: always. When I was five years old, my father introduced to me the concept of an asymptote. He asked, "Mart, if you face the wall and with each step travel only half the distance to the wall, will you ever get there?" I thought for a second and answered, "Yes," and then his answer messed with my mind. He went on to explain that I would, in fact, never reach the wall. Never. "Yes, honey, the distance would get smaller and smaller, but you will never ever get there." First grade. Limits. Philosophy. All in one.

I am also a published author with two books and several articles to my credit. The content is broad, from my two depictions of my fondness for my Italian roots to an article that connects mathematics and social issues to two printed speeches that convey my respect for the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation - specifically the 297th Combat Engineers of World War II - to a newspaper journal that captures the visceral peace of my grandmother's village of Campo di Giove, Abruzzo, Italia. My passion for language stems from my mother, a strict grammarian who studied multiple languages and enjoyed the art of crafting flawless, thought-provoking passages. She loved making each sentence a miniature work of art and connecting those small pieces in a seamless way. My mother taught me that expression matters. "People will judge you by your command of the English language." She would be haunted by the abuses of your and you're, I, me, and myself, well, badly, and the heinous, "Just between she and I." 

Organizational and study skills also play key roles in the reduction of stress and the development of mastery. I work with students to hone those skills. While chaos has its merits in certain arenas, in general, chaos in school takes too much time to undo. I help students develop systems that match their styles, so that they may manage the onslaught of work.

My tutoring also spans test prep and the college process. Please click the applicable link to learn more.